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 Daughter churches 


The daughter churches of Chiang Mai sprout church

1. Khun Huay Duea Church: 30 believers join together in a small village behind the mountain. Pastor Tianchai oversees the church. This church is located 110 km. away from the mother church and it takes three hours to get there. Most members are from the La-hu and Lee-Sor hill tribes.

daughter church 1.jpg
daughter church 3.jpg
daughter church 2.jpg

2. Pong-Sa House Church consists of 20-30 dorm students (we have a regular meeting at the dormitory every Wednesday). We recently built a church building at this location. In this village, the majority of the population consists of indigenous Chiang Mai people who migrate to live in the mountains. There are almost no believers in the area. There are another two villages where there are no Christians or churches to be found. There are approximately 800 villagers here with 85% of them being indigenous people. Pastor Niphon and his family are in charge of this area. This church is located 90 km. away from the mother church location and it usually takes two hours to get there.

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